Friday, November 21, 2014

Something I do not get (current consensus on U.S. Immigration Policy).

After hearing the speech by the U.S. president yesterday, it is important for people like me, for example, to not be so concerned as to "blow a gasket" as a good friend and attorney mentions when things like this come up for people.  Now that the U.S. immigration issues along with its customs and homeland security bureau issues have really come of age, probably more for kids than for adults given the rights of newborn of foreign parents, for example, within the borders of the U.S. right now, or what the president wants to make them, there is a difficulty staring us all down, and that is a full - fledge immigration issues crisis.  This might be brought upon the country by, again, more and more so - called immigrants arriving in jet flights to places like Seattle and Los Angeles, or Atlanta, New York, or any major coastal area airport and then mainly just sitting - in at the air facilities either waiting for transport to a new assumed domicile or waiting for other things such as detention by U.S. immigration authorities -- distasteful and insufferable for some, but for others a no - brainer solution to their own issues as immigrants everywhere.  These sorts of shenanigans are unavoidable given the talk as broadcast yesterday as well as the oft - spoken phrase of responsible parties under the circumstances at times :  "It would happen anyway", and its variants.  What happened to the sage proverbs and courage, fortitude and morale fibre concerning the destruction of the world and related political self - destruction of some of its peoples and the U.S. "It didn't happen here" in the spoken words of our leaders who had, in days not so far in the past, guaranteed a safe homeland that discouraged hooligans and the acting out of various groups and individuals who from the get - go with feet in the airframe bound for the U.S. already demand entitlements in intractable ways included the cursing out of those of us who've lived here long enough to know not to curse and swear at others, not as a moral or ethical rule primarily, but that it smacks of the wholly irrational and unreasonable and is by far and away alienating for the literate and educated among the many honest and forthright,
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common - sense people who abound here to begin with.  Why, given the complications of the world at this point, be in the business of canning that and selling it to those who might scrape together half and loan the other half of the cost for it, if that; and of course there will always be some who can loan the entire cost of anything and same will have to loan moneys to complete the angry tasks of learning and internalizing American ways. 

In the law, and I mention this as a person who is not a jurist, there are some things that allow for various interpretations of statute including various semantic devices the U.S. president as a law professor and his colleagues and associates, themselves as jurists and well - educated legal people who have been honorably placed at their posts through elections and appointment confirmations, ... , are familiar with and are apparently using to avoid the immigration crucible that more than ever will impact American homes in the future, and everyone's.  The sort of crucible the U.S. presidential policies right now in a simple way are attempting to avoid will cheapen the U.S. / American commonweal and will give cause for those informed and provoking such a thing to question, even from the great heights of their proud towers, the value of life itself, and not just for the unborn, but for babies all the way up through the stages of growth and maturity to adults and the elderly.  The U.S. presidential policies have seen such a crisis looming since the idea of the war on terror began, even the idea of population control under Roe vs. Wade presented themselves in private and scientific journals our current leaders now read:  That was a long time ago, mind you.  Our democratic leadership attempts to address, and somewhat successfully to date, the macabre and sinister, creepy issues of immigration as they unfold in the modern world to hold the "door open" for at least a while until the commonweal is satisfied for a while with current status quo and ratings are up, and then in all appearances the door is slammed shut with those hairy consequences as well.  This simple politic has to stop as practiced by the current administration and that of most of the 1990's insofar as our people are motivated one way or the other to face a very complicated immigration problem set and to decide upon necessary restrictions, and not the uncalled for "mass" changes and psychology, very weighty might I add here, this features today.  How can this be done?  It can be done as simply and creatively as the writing of policies that keep people cramming into airframes in flights to La Guardia, etc., and other major air hubs:  Restrict air traffic and access to exit visas, and if one starts on this today, the airline industry will suffer to cancel eventually a few flights only, and overall profitability will ne'er really have been affected compared to the consequences of flying those initial one - way tickets and those of other immigration schemes.  The exit visa issues require cross - border agreements and U.S. monitoring, undoubtedly, and this might initially cause more gridlock in the capitol, but our representatives and the like, and the U.S. chief executive, stand to realize eventually the immigration problem we currently have is systemic and can be solved systemically.  What is applicable to air traffic and immigration might also and simply find application to ocean and land traffic, including foot traffic as well for illegals and those in immigration, too.  With this kind of "blanket" and systemic solving of what one knows to be the actual societal feature in the U.S. as a country to which one is able to immigrate easily, one can completely avoid, not postpone but completely avoid the massed gatherings and foreign movements, the terrorist movement as an undercurrent here, that are the curse of our current system of immigration in America; and that incidentally have many prospective immigrants in their football stadium gatherings calling for our deaths and for a supplanting of American society and its future with one envisioned, i.e., by the Marxists of old (as reformed by the end of the cold war, yet sadly still Marxist), some Islamo - political deity, or other power lacking a real constitution and the like -- all sad and sorrowful avenues, yet ones people outside our "village" wish for right now.  There are indeed others, and legitimate people, who make immigration attempts to enter U.S. territories, and honestly, besides terrorists and hooligans, criminals and destructive radicals; and the thing is to find them in the immigration crowd and allow their petitions, and to discourage the destructive, criminal types from trafficking our borders.  To wit, given the issues here around exit visas and the like, there is trafficking in counterfeit travel documents and seals, etc., everywhere:  The thing to do about that is to centralize exit visa activities not in some bureau in town, but to center them at air facilities, especially for those with one way or open ended tickets.  There are analog processes and rules for the same practices and other transport channels.  How about an executive order along these lines, and one that when well thought out and composed might trump the impending crisis, and one that is earmarked and predictable for "sooner or later".

Sunday, November 9, 2014

An Excellent Portrayal of "No Happy Reward" (If This Review Is Not Innovative and Original, I Apologize).

THE INNOVATORS, by Walter Isaacson (2014, Simon & Schuster)

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INFORMALLY: Though this text is an excellent one and one that makes the attempt, it is impossible to capture the spirit of what one might call the character and genius (read geniuses) of what has come to be known as Silicon Valley, CA. There is an entire set of circumstances and confluence of events and other factors that led, and has and had led to every single inch of technological discovery over the years, and in reading this valuable book one gathers the sense of this and the criticality and indeed the overall gravity and seriousness of modern consumer and other technological discovery and implementation. All this despite the apparent clowning and colorful carrying on (read again, irreverence) of different personalities at various places including at Apple, Pixar, ORACLE and others. Walter Isaacson, in this well – prepared and researched text does make an outstanding effort to capture in a comprehensible image, with all the implications of that, the history of the different figures that are memorable and worth commemorating about the place.

Though there are literally dozens upon dozens of people who contributed to what the author of this text proposes as a chain or cascading and crowding of brilliant people oriented toward technological innovation and invention, themselves, their families, their honorable associates, and their extended families and friends, all sometimes even inching their way through things, individually or in groups, or making leaps and bounds as has been done over the years with IC's and the like, each of the major people one might propose by this narrative has been and is simply larger than life and in all evidence and obviously of greater mind and spirit, sometimes than is imaginable by the line and rank and file. For some this book is like a who's who or even a dogged and informative summary only of what could have started out as a ten thousand – page text. For others, the story is simple enough and captures the tone and aura of the place or places that are Silicon Valley, indeed quite nicely, and as yet leaving much of the technical and complicated jargon, the acronyms, even the buzz words of the day out of the writing in order to adequately portray these uncommon and very capable business and technology leaders as they need to appear. Despite the dozens and dozens of people mentioned here, all noteworthy, and not just the prize – winners, the following really stand out for the time being, and you might beg to differ, of which comments and other words invited: Hopper, von Neumann, Terman, Shockley, the Intel founders, the ARPA and related projects, the Hayes modem, the Apple Company, Inc., founders; the Microsoft founders and their team(s,) and many, many others, and certainly including those over the years who have notably left the door open to all whereas in such places often the connotation of such things is the exit door remains always open as derivative of this in most cases.

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Isaacson gives very adequate and detailed explanations and narratives, again, of how the innovators here recall their work and the cut – and – try methods and processes used in addition to the breakthroughs of equal, or lesser import that included not only variations and improvements to technologies but to the cost structure of delivering these at a reasonable price to business and consumer end – users. In the end, and even for most people who know of and who have read this text, there might be one or two, maybe more, businesses that stand out as excellent in the technology hotbed itself, and for me this is companies like Varian, VersaTec, Cray, and then Pixar Studios, even ORACLE and Lockheed as well among the all in all. An excellent read even for the "just curious", and worth the price in time and place of reading to any level of detail. Great!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blog mini - entry : Progress of Hong Kong Protests -- Mid - November 2014.

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Armistice Day -- Again, Not Far Away (Far from Me).

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Berlin, 2014.

Twenty - five years ago, almost to this day, the Berlin Wall as constructed in the early 1960's and fortified many times thereafter was rendered moot as symbol of soviet / Marxist dominion in Western Europe and dismantled, though not overnight:  As a finality that rings in the ears of every soviet person attentive in the day, sections of the wall were taken down and taken away by people with ordinary sledgehammers, jackhammers, and then with cranes and other machines to clear the way for the 40,000 or so refugees from the east that would come over to West Germany in the first month after the wall fell, and then more after that.  The initial responses of the East German authorities at the time first to the burgeoning demonstrations and then to the dismantling of that physical barrier between East and West are well documented and most people by now have seen at least some of them on the television and heard of the great big party at the dismantling of the Berlin Wall was at the time.  Today, and chiefly the area of the Potsdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie and associated bridge and other places so dramatically portrayed in the media in the past are simply memories that are kept in small museums at different points along the former path of the wall.  On this day, as one awaits the official anniversary of the dismantling of the wall, in Berlin, the former location of the wall and its path through that town is marked by approximately seven thousand lit balloons that will be released upward into the sky upon official commemoration.

The monetary costs of re - unification, unforeseeably, have been quite high and many parts of East
Germany, especially in Saxony and Thuringia, are permanently economically depressed and no rent can even be made from the land there, apparently.  The burden however, of the challenges that capitalism and freedom suggest and then propose to society, as promised originally in the regimes of Bush, Helmut Kohl, and Gorbachev, have allowed for a brighter future for Central Europe as it is now less of a political pawn to the soviets as then constantly uprooted and even poisoned, and allowed as well for Western Europe is a departure of the politics of buffer states and again a greater socio - economic promise for all.  This has not been nor will it be without its issues as the guarantees of free society to all, everywhere, and not just at this point as commemorated in Central Europe, at first incipient in places and then more prominent are not reified without the efforts of all contributing people on every rung of the social ladder.  It is seemingly greatly easier to change the actions of a person with rewarding incentives, and as is the case with Berlin, much more difficult and as has been done here, to change the mindset of centralizing and enriching the paternalistic state, for one, into an attitude of one and all as to the greater potentialities presented by definition in the economic activity of capital and the overall benefits of this to everyone; even to those on the coattails of those who originally allowed for and then have made possible the Berlin of today. 

New York Times Article - November 7, 2014.
One Berlin Refugee Center.
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Smoke A Little Dope? -- Say WHAT? -- The Recipe of Bolsheviks of Old.

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LITTLE DOPE”, …  (look at these characters).

With the winding down of the wars as formerly prosecuted in the Middle East (principally in Afghanistan and Iraq), presumably as well the so – called “war on drugs” is being relaxed for the time being and thus a principal conflict as carried on by the U.S. Military and somewhat by coalition partners for more than thirteen years so far, and to every pessimist and naysayer, seems to have been without the kind of social and economic utility that one expects from traditional “boots on the ground” - type warfare since even the time of Clausewicz. It is important to note the current military and paramilitary conflicts in Northern Iraq and Syria, again involving tribal warfare and that of warlords, probably will not taper off for a while, whether or not the US continues or avows the causes of people like the Kurds and so forth. Since some time ago, and even before the Iran / Iraq war of some time ago, the Kurds were fighting the occupiers of their territories, presumably Kurdistan, and those occupiers were the same groups now involved in the strife in that area again. The Kurds are a minority in a Northern Middle East territory that were a bother and therefore marked for extinction by neighbors, of which the Iraqi Hussein regime during the late 1970's and early to mid – 1980's. No one wants to remember the essentially peaceful Kurds having to take up arms to defend their homes against invaders and / or flee their homeland by way of any means possible, including by the airlines to parts unknown where they assimilated and disappeared into crowded populaces, as did the culture of Kurdistan they carried with them, and most of home was forgotten by those refugees who actually managed to escape the forces invading at home. The attitude of the invaders and the Syrians, etc., opposing the Kurds and rebels in those areas to – day is they are good for nothing and need make way for the “postmodern” and hegelian (even those who read Engels) everyman from the delineated areas and their corresponding military forces, many of whom worship the former soviet military model and some of its views and practices still pervasive in Russian Federation society at this time still. This includes perhaps an unofficial phalanx of ruling society featuring “urbane” types, a political party structure that imitates immovable royalty and some other things Lenin and Leon Trotsky would be proud of today.

October is a terrific month for conflict, of which the resolution of the sudden chaos and abandon of the Russian Revolution (1917), and that of the very long Chinese Communist Revolution that ended in 1949. It is also the month of the famous Yom Kippur War, the Battle of Trafalgar, the beginning of the Long March of the Chinese Revolution, that of the Battle of Passchendaele, the First Battle of Ypres, and ironically that of the Treaty of Westphalia that ended the Thirty Years War in 1648. The list goes on of notable things without there being a laundry list of disaster after disaster. That the Middle East wars are winding down, as are the legacy of 2000 – 2008 statecraft and the democratic Cold War legacy as former communist states withdraw into themselves as led into it by the Russian leadership, and the tampering as well with the war on drugs are anything but peaceful portents: People just continue to get more and more wound at the prospect of facing opposing leadership as they get older given the Cold War and other conflicts showed the deficiencies of the forgetfulness and continuous renewal of things as represented by the international left, including an elitist permissiveness for things like trafficking of various sorts. That the left today even in the US is preoccupied with curing social ills and socioeconomic inequities, it is perhaps a paradox the left started these sorts of things in their modern form and in concentrating on these issues with public and solicitous private campaigns, it glorifies and highlights these sorts of things that are at best perfidious, lousy intrigue and extremely hazardous, and destructive at their most benign. Comments invited.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hong Kong, P.R.C.

Presently in Hong Kong, PRC.
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Though there have been no recent anniversaries, not of the 1950's Central and Eastern Europe national unrest, nor of the 1968 political and societal protests in places like Czechoslovakia and France, and in the U.S. against the war in Southeast Asia, though maybe of the end of the Tian An Men movement in 1989; the protest in Hong Kong at this point though not covered at length in the Western press, might be as formidable as any of the former ones that espoused and personified in their leadership a greater and greater annoyance with respect to nationalism and politics sponsored frequently within the borders of where the unrest takes or took place. The protests in Hong Kong have been going on since some days ago, and the major U.S. news services might just have picked up the story this morning for the weekend news. For various and sundry technical reasons, many of the citizens of Hong Kong would like to have "the United States of America" as Jim Lehrer so judiciously and artfully mentioned the attitude of the Tian An movement during 1989 at the time on his news hour. Hong Kong has a municipal or civic governance review that is coming up in an election where only CPC / Bei jing - approved candidates will be allowed to submit their candidacy to a vote. The conflict here is the same as the again age - old scuffle between town and country everywhere, or as has been the case in communist regimes, the provinces out of alignment with the Center, and local and national Chinese authorities have futilely demanded for the protesters to disperse, of which no great giving in of the populace at this point. Police have appeared briefly on television spraying protestors presumably with pepper spray while attempting to land a number of same in detention, or while attempting to yank light - gauge steel fencing out of the hands of protesters trying to gain ground.

The cast of characters in the Chinese administration is authoritarian with respect to the protests and hardly comical, and the protesters have leaders like Leung Kwok - hung (a fierce, pro - democracy activist) and Cardinal Joseph Zen (former Catholic bishop of Hong Kong). Leung has approved of the protestors staying in place with the attitude of civil disobedience, and Zen advocates people returning to their normal lives after leaving the scene of the demonstrations, indicating that taking a position adversarial to the Chinese government is futile given the impossibility of dialogue with Chinese leaders. The idea of the protesters is to deaden business activity in town, and thus their positions in the Hong Kong financial district. The protest apparently had been triggered by the format of some elections in town, but cap off some long standing anti - Bei jing sentiment there as well. Hong Kong is a special area of P.R.C. that has kept its character as a Western and fiercely entrepreneurial, free business area since its handover to P.R.C. from UK in 1997. It does appear that young people in the region dislike the loyalties of some in local administration to power - grabbing associated with the Chinese capitol, and the local government right now in town is apparently very unpopular due to this and distrust of the capitol in Hong Kong and other places in China. The protesters, in comprising their "Occupy Central" movement threaten the commerce and business in the financial district of Hong Kong, and have united religious leaders, student and university leaders and high - profile professionals in their efforts. These public personalities have assured at least for the time being that the sit - in will continue and this insisting on restricting business and commercial activities and access to same by the presences of the protestors in centrally located places downtown -- the expectation is this will force Bei jing leaders and local leaders who are on the Bei jing tether to first discuss and then negotiate democratic reform and a continuance of Hong Kong in its productive and businesslike, entrepreneurial ways of old.

There have been rallies against the movement Occupy Central, and not everyone around is in the pitched demonstrations against Bei jing governance and rule - making. The idea as indicated by concerned CPC parties is that Hong Kong will lose its reputation as a safe and tidy, and business - oriented mecca for professional people given the effects, short - and long - term of the demonstrations. Characteristically and officially, the demonstrators are marginalized by government polls that detail not everyone is in favor of keeping Hong Kong as it is, and that many of the people who've read or heard of the protests do not understand the town's special economic and business status before the communist regime. Upon some reading on the subject of possible electoral action and reform by Bei jing and the screening out of pro - reform candidates, the requirements for candidates as fulfilled to stand for election do appear a little cheesy, and some CPC officials blame the US and UK for influencing the opposition demonstrations and protests. The use of physical force by local security agencies and apparently the local army are worrisome and make the situation akin to the Bei jing administration offering the Hong Kong people something they might not, nor should not refuse. Though the Chinese administration has denied that only its own candidates have been approved (strictly speaking) for the ballot contest to come that will elect representatives from town, the process of candidate submissions does appear to follow that particular line, but then one returns to the letter of criteria for the [presumably pro - capitol] candidates who will be appointed to run, and then be nominated in the election. Around and around it goes as the Chinese administration appears to be playing quite a bit of defense in its public relations and maybe even in minimizing media coverage of these very serious and meaningful demonstrations and protests there.